20000B HangZ 20lb. Canvas Flat Mount Sawtooth Hanger (50-Pack)


20000B HangZ Canvas Flat Mount Sawtooth Hanger 20lb ( 50pc ) These hangers are designed for canvas & open back frames. The HangZ sawtooth hangers are hidden so the pictures never lean off the wall with no exposed hardware. They are also self leveling so you can be sure your wall decor will hang straight.
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  • The Only saw tooth hanger designed to be used with canvas & open back frames.
  • Holds 20lbs.
  • One piece Zinc Alloy construction making HangZ the world strongest picture hooks.
  • Hangers are self leveling. No more crooked pictures.
  • Keep canvas, pictures & Mirrors flat on the wall no more exposed hooks or hardware.
  • Antique Brass Finish for decorative look.

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