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“Hooks & Tips” Creating Your Gallery Wall

por Katherine Stein en Jun 17, 2024

“Hooks & Tips” Creating Your Gallery Wall

Creating your gallery wall can be both exciting and daunting.

We want to help you hang your art and family air loom pieces like a pro:

Plan Your Layout

1.Before you start hanging, lay out your gallery wall on the floor. Lay out your frame

  1. Aim for approximately 3 inches of space between each piece to avoid overcrowding.
  1. Plan ahead for extra space, if you plan for your gallery to grow.
  1. Take out your mobile phone and take picture of your floor layout for a map when you are ready to install

Frames with NO Hanging Hardware Hooks or Wires.

What do you do?

    1.The frames of your pictures for your gallery may not have hardware or it may have hardware provided that is the best quality & protect your art from being damaged from coming off the wall and hanging properly.

    1. Recommendation: Purchase “HangZ Gallery Hook Hardware”, designed and engineered for your pictures to display flush to your wall.
    2. HangZ patented products Die-Casted Alloy metal, which is tested to assure the quality our hooks. The Gallery Hooks come in several weights for various size pictures.
    3. What type of hooks to buy?

    Picture Hooks - Gallery Hooks (hangz.com) Gallery Hooks Multi Sizes - 

     4.Use the correct weight and type of hook for strong and stable - We suggest for Small pictures 5lbs, Medium10-30lbs, Large or Extra Large 50 or100lbs hooks.

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    Even Spacing

    1.When transferring pieces to the wall, maintain consistent spacing. Use a phone photo of your floor layout as a reference.

    If you’re impatient (like me), you can wing it, but measuring works too!

    Explore Different Layouts

    Check out ideas by Emily Henerson -style mix, or an asymmetrical arrangement.

    1. https://stylebyemilyhenderson.com/blog/how-to-make-a-gallery-wall
    2. Emily Recommends: “Try and keep the space between all your pieces around 3 inches apart. That way things don't get crowded.”

      FINALLY……Your gallery wall reflects your personality and style, of your treasured pieces.  

      HangZ Away!

      Please send us a picture of your Gallery when completed! Contact (hangz.com) We will Blog about your project