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Contemporary Design - Gallery Rail and Cable Hanging System

por Katherine Stein en Jun 17, 2024

Contemporary Design - Gallery Rail and Cable Hanging System

Choosing a HangZ picture hanging system is trending Contemporary look to display your Art & Design Elements.

A picture hanging system consists of a rail, which you can mount to a wall or ceiling, along with hanging wires and hooks. The rail is easily mounted to the wall using clips, allowing you to click the rail onto the clips effortlessly.

The hanging wires can be clicked onto or slid into the rail at any desired location, providing you with the flexibility to hang and rehang wall decorations as needed. This system offers convenience and adaptability, making it an excellent choice for safely displaying your picture.

See the in the photo below  HangZ White Gallery Rail using the Clear / "Perlon" Cable and Hook. 

Perlon Cable is invisible against dimensional feature-wall of custom-made painted wooden 1/4 plank, creating raised Greek Key Pattern by  

Photo Credits:   Feature Wall /Wooden Greek Keys custom made & fully installed by Jeff Popkin, Founder of HangZ 

Painting by Artist by Noel