HangZ 10lb Sawtooth Hanger 20002, 20002B, 20003, 20003B

HangZ 10lb Sawtooth Hanger 20002, 20002B, 20003, 20003B

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Product description

HangZ™ 10lb Sawtooth Hanger is specifically designed for regular picture frames, mirrors, and canvases that do not already have hardware attached. These hangers provide a convenient solution for securely hanging your wall decor.

The HangZ™ sawtooth hangers are self-leveling, ensuring that your wall decor hangs straight. This feature eliminates the need for manual adjustments, allowing for a hassle-free installation and ensuring a visually pleasing display.

Whether you are hanging picture frames, mirrors, or canvases, the HangZ™ 10lb Sawtooth Hanger offers a reliable and easy-to-use solution. It is designed to provide stable support for your wall decor, ensuring that it stays securely in place.

By using HangZ™ 10lb Sawtooth Hangers, you can confidently hang your pictures, mirrors, and canvases, knowing that they will be properly supported and displayed with a straight orientation.