HangZ 20lb Sawtooth Hook Kit 34052

HangZ 20lb Sawtooth Hook Kit 34052

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Product description

The HangZ™ 20lb Sawtooth Hook & Hanger kit offers a convenient solution for hanging artwork, picture frames, mirrors, and canvas. This kit includes two sets per pack, providing you with multiple hangers for your hanging needs.

The standout feature of the HangZ™ design is its ability to eliminate the unsightly view of traditional hooks when using Sawtooth hangers. With these hangers, you can achieve a clean and aesthetically pleasing look on your wall, as the hooks remain hidden and there is no exposed hardware visible.

The HangZ™ sawtooth hook and hangers are specifically designed to provide reliable support for your artwork and decorative pieces. They offer a secure and stable hanging solution, ensuring that your items stay securely in place on the wall.

Whether you are hanging picture frames, mirrors, or canvas, the HangZ™ 20lb Sawtooth Hook & Hanger kit provides an ideal solution. With the hidden design and absence of exposed hardware, you can showcase your works of art with a clean and professional appearance.

  • 2 pcs 20lb Saw tooth Hook Narrow,
  • 4 pcs 1.75mm nail 1",
  • 2 pcs Sawtooth Hanger Small,
  • 4 pcs 3/8" nail.