HangZ 30lb Canvas 2 Hole D Ring Hanger Kit 30lb 11031

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Product description

The HangZ™ 30lb Canvas Flat Mount 2 Hole D Ring Hook kit offers a reliable and discreet hanging solution for canvas and open back frames. Each pack includes one set of the 2 Hole D Ring Hook, providing the necessary hardware for securely mounting your pictures.

The standout feature of the HangZ™ 2 Hole D Ring is its ability to remain hidden behind the canvas or open back frames. With this design, there is no exposed hardware visible, ensuring a clean and seamless display of your artwork. Additionally, the secure attachment provided by the 2 Hole D Ring ensures that your pictures will never lean off the wall.

By using the HangZ™ 30lb Canvas Flat Mount 2 Hole D Ring Hook kit, you can confidently hang your canvas and open back frames, knowing that the hardware will stay concealed and your pictures will be securely held in place on the wall. This eliminates any concerns of visible hooks or wires, allowing your artwork to take center stage in a clean and professional manner.

  • 2 pcs Canvas Flat Mount 2 Hole D Ring Hanger,
  • 4 pcs #6 X 1/2" Flat Head Phillips Screw,
  • 2 pcs 30lb Z Hanger,
  • 2 pcs 1.75mm 1".