HangZ Conventional Hangers 10-100lb Bulk Packs 50581B, 50582B, 50583B, 50585B, 50586B

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Product description

HangZ Conventional Hook Bulk Packs 10-100lbs are available in bulk packs and are designed to provide reliable support for various hanging needs. Made from durable steel, these picture hangers are built to last. The surface of the hooks is plated with Zinc, adding an extra layer of protection against corrosion.

With a weight capacity ranging from 10 to 100 lbs, these hooks are suitable for a wide range of applications in both homes and offices. They can securely hold items such as photos, clocks, decorations, and even canvas artwork.

One of the advantages of these hooks is that they leave a small pinhole in the wall upon removal, which is suitable for drywall, plaster, and wood surfaces. This minimizes any potential damage to the walls.

Whether you need to hang lightweight or heavier items, HangZ Conventional Hook bulk packs provide a rugged and versatile solution for your hanging needs.