HangZ Perlon Fixator FP001

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Product description

The Pelon fixator is designed to hold the top of the frame near perlon or steel suspenders, allowing for a closer-to-vertical hanging position. It can be fixed individually or as a pair to the top of a wooden frame, aligning it precisely over the hanging point of the hooks.

For convenient and accurate positioning, the perlon or cable suspenders can be easily clipped into the provided guide. The indexing pips assist in positioning the suspenders correctly. This setup ensures that the frame is well-supported and hangs vertically, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your display.

By utilizing the Pelon fixator, you can achieve a secure and precise hanging arrangement for your frames, allowing you to showcase your artwork or decorative pieces with confidence and ensure they are displayed in a visually pleasing vertical alignment.

1 pc Perlon Fixator

2pc #6 X 1/2" Pan Head Phillips Screws