HangZ Shelf & Clock Kit 55075

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Product description

 The HangZ Shelf & Clock Kit offers a practical solution for hanging shelves, speakers, and plaques. This kit includes all the necessary components to securely mount your items on the wall.

With the self-drilling anchor included in the kit, you can achieve a more secure holding for your shelves, speakers, and plaques. This anchor eliminates the need for pre-drilling holes, making the installation process easier and more efficient.

By using the HangZ Shelf & Clock Kit, you can confidently hang your items, knowing that they will be securely held in place on the wall. Whether you need to organize your space with shelves or showcase decorative plaques or speakers, this kit provides a reliable solution for your hanging needs.

  • 4pc #6 anchor 10*35mm
  • 4pc #8*1-1/4 screw
  • 4pc #8 anchor 13*42mm
  • 4pc #8*1-1/4 screw
  • The rating for these kits are 10kgs(22lbs)