HangZ 15lb Canvas Sawtooth Hook Kit 34051

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Product description

The HangZ™ 15lb Canvas Flat Mount Sawtooth Hook & Hanger kit is a convenient package that includes two sets of hangers designed specifically for canvas and open back frames. These hangers offer reliable support and ease of installation for your wall decor.

One of the key features of the HangZ™ sawtooth hook & hangers is their hidden design, ensuring that your pictures remain securely attached to the wall without any exposed hardware. This creates a clean and professional appearance for your displayed artwork or canvases.

Additionally, the hangers are self-leveling, which means they automatically adjust to ensure that your wall decor hangs straight. This eliminates the need for constant adjustments and provides a visually pleasing display.

By using the HangZ™ 15lb Canvas Flat Mount Sawtooth Hook & Hanger kit, you can confidently hang your canvas and open back frames, knowing that the hangers will keep them securely in place while maintaining a neat and professional look on your wall.

  • 2 pcs 15lb Canvas Flat Mount Sawtooth Hook Wide,
  • 4pcs 1.75mm nail 1",
  • 2 pcs Canvas Flat Mount Sawtooth Hanger,
  • 4 pcs #4 X 3/8" Flat Head Phillips Screw.