HangZ 50lb 1 Hole D Ring 10008, 10008B

HangZ 50lb 1 Hole D Ring 10008, 10008B

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Product description

HangZ™ 50lb 1 Hole D Ring Hanger is a reliable hardware option designed for frames, mirrors, and canvases that do not have pre-installed hanging hardware. These hangers are specifically recommended for use on wood frames.

The 1 Hole D Ring Hanger is capable of supporting up to 50 pounds of weight, providing secure hanging for various items. It offers a convenient and durable solution for securely mounting your frames, mirrors, or canvases on the wall.

Please note that the HangZ™ 1 Hole D Ring Hanger is specifically designed for use on wood frames only. It is not suitable for other materials.

By using the HangZ™ 1 Hole D Ring Hanger, you can confidently hang your frames, mirrors, and canvases without the need for additional hardware. This hanger ensures a sturdy and reliable attachment, allowing you to display your items with peace of mind.

  • Pro Quality D-Ring Hanger will support 50 pounds. Frame back hanger for wood picture frames.
  • 1 3/16" Long x 5/8" Wide D-Ring Picture Hanger. Bulk pack includes 100 hangers
  • Framing supplies kit includes 100 #6 x 1/2" Combo Top Slotted/Phillips Screws
  • Our D-Rings have the most inside wire or ring wrapped around the strap which makes this heavy duty picture hanger stronger than others