HangZ Extreme Home Picture & Mirror Kit

HangZ Extreme Home Picture & Mirror Kit

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Product description

The HangZ Extreme Home Picture & Mirror Kit offers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for hanging artworks and mirrors in your home with ease and professionalism. With hardware designed to accommodate 24 different works of art, this kit provides everything you need to hang each piece securely. At less than $2 per artwork, it offers great value for money. The key features of the kit include:

Patented EverReady Flip Hooks:

  • 6 EverReady Flip hook Single with 12 nails
  • 6 EverReady Flip hook Double with 6 nails
  • Facilitates easy grabbing of wires or D rings without scratching the walls.

Sawtooth Hooks:

  • 8 Sawtooth Hooks
  • 8 Sawtooth Hanger with 16 nails
  • Eliminates unsightly hooks sticking out of the top of your frame.

Weight-Specific Hooks:

  • 2 100lb Hooks with 2 nails
  • 2 50lb Hooks with 2 nails
  • Provides the right hardware for various weight requirements.

D-Ring Hangers:

  • 6 1 Hole D-Ring Hangers with 12 screws
  • 4 2 Hole D-Ring Hangers with 4 screws
  • Offers versatility in hanging options.

Additional Hardware:

  • 9ft of 30lb wire
  • 12 Clear Bumpers
  • 1 Bubble Level
  • All the necessary components for a professional hanging setup.

Plastic Reusable Case:

  • Keeps all the hardware organized and easily accessible.

Whether you are an art enthusiast or simply looking to hang mirrors in your home, this kit provides the right tools for the job. The EverReady Flip Hooks make it easy to handle wires or D rings, while the Sawtooth hooks ensure a clean and polished look for your framed pieces. The inclusion of a bubble level helps achieve a perfectly straight alignment, and the plastic reusable case keeps everything organized for future use. With the HangZ Extreme Home Picture & Mirror Kit, you can confidently hang your artworks like a professional at an affordable cost.