Horizontal Snowboard Mounting Clip Display Wall Mount for Adult & Youth Snowboards

Horizontal Snowboard Mounting Clip Display Wall Mount for Adult & Youth Snowboards

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Product description

Looking for a better way to store your board? The Snowboard Mount is the best way to safely store your snowboard while showing off your sick graphics! These steel snowboard mounting clips are dipped in rubber to protect the board and its edges. Plus, the screws are countersunk to ensure your board won’t get scratched. Our easy-to-install Snowboard Wall Mount securely holds your board for easy grab n’ go access, so it’s perfect for decor or garage organization. Works with most snowboard types including all-mountain, freestyle and powder boards!

Universal design fits most snowboard types.
•  Rubber dipped clips protect edges + won’t scratch board.
•  One (1) pair of clips securely mount one (1) snowboard flush to wall.
•  Made from 12-gauge steel for strength + durability.
•  Quick and easy to install. Minimal tools needed.
•  Includes drywall screws and anchors rated for 25 pounds each. Stud mounting is optional.

Snowboard sold separately.

How far apart do you mount the clips?
There’s no exact measurement, but we’ve found that 9-10 inches apart is generally the best!

Why do the mounting clips have an angled lip?
We included a unique lip on each clip to ensure its easy to place your board in and out of the mount.

Can the boards be mounted horizontally or at an angle?
Yes! Our snowboard mount was designed to be mounted horizontally, but can be mounted at an angle!

Does it matter if the clips are mounted on the inside or outside of the bindings?
Nope! It’s up to you where you want to mount the clips around your bindings. Best placement will vary from board to board.

Product Name: HBoard
UPC: Single 850017013308, 3-Pack 850017013735, 5-Pack 850017013742
Includes: (2) #8 Flat Head Drywall Screws, (2) Self-Drilling Heavy-Duty Drywall Anchors
Dimensions: H 3.70 x L 0.80 x D 1.28 in (94.0 x 20.3 x 32.5 mm)
Released: 10/2020

•  All-mountain snowboards
•  Freestyle snowboards
•  Freeride snowboards
•  Powder snowboards
•  Longboard skateboards
•  Cuiser skateboards
•  Mini Cruiser skateboards
•  Carve skateboards
•  Shortboard skateboards
•  Complete skateboards
•  Foam skimboards
•  Wood skimboards
•  Shallow rocker skimboards
•  Steeper rocker skimboards
•  Pin tail skimboards
•  Square tail skimboards
•  W-tail skimboards
•  Streamline skimboards
•  Proto skimboards

•  Wakeboards
•  Surfboards
•  Boogie boards
•  Paddle boards