Keyhole Speaker Hanging Kit KHS-4

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Product description

Make hanging speakers with keyholes a frustration-free experience with the Keyhole Speaker Hanging Kit. This kit includes keyhole screws that are compatible with both single and double keyholes, whether they are standard or small in size. No more guesswork during blind installations - the included locators mark the exact insertion point, ensuring precise and accurate placement.

To ensure level and secure installation, a handy level is included in the kit. The Double-headed Bear Claw Keyhole Hangers can be easily installed using a handheld screwdriver. They work effectively in various wall types such as drywall, wood, and plaster. For brick or concrete walls, a 1/8" pilot hole is required for installation. These hangers are capable of holding up to 30 lbs in drywall and 100 lbs in a stud.

For added strength in drywall installations, the kit also includes anchors. These anchors provide extra stability and support, giving you peace of mind.

With the Keyhole Speaker Hanging Kit, hanging speakers with keyholes becomes a hassle-free process. Enjoy the convenience of precise installation, level positioning, and sturdy support for your speakers.